February 7, 2024

Taylor Swift's Determined Journey to the Super Bowl

Taylor Swift, the globally renowned pop sensation, has captured headlines recently for her determined efforts to attend her boyfriend, Travis Kelce's, Super Bowl game in Las Vegas, despite her packed international touring schedule.

Swift's commitment to making it to the Super Bowl, scheduled for February 11th, is a testament to her dedication and the power of modern logistics.

Swift's tour, known as the Eras tour, brings her to Tokyo, Japan, where she had shows from February 7th to February 10th. With such a tight schedule, one might wonder how she intends to make it to the Super Bowl!

Her commitment and determination, however, reveal a feasible plan...

Tokyo to Vegas: A Time Difference Advantage

The key factor working in Swift's favor is the significant time difference between Tokyo and Las Vegas. Tokyo is 17 hours ahead of Las Vegas. Swift's show in Tokyo is expected to last around three and a half hours, starting at 6 P.M. local time. Assuming she finishes around midnight on February 11th, it would only be 7 A.M. on February 10th in Vegas. This time difference provides her with a substantial advantage.

To facilitate her journey, Swift will need to take a long-haul flight from Tokyo to Las Vegas, covering a distance of approximately 5,548 miles between the two cities' airports. While such a flight could take around 10 hours, Swift still has ample time to make it to the Super Bowl. If she leaves Tokyo around 1 A.M. local time on February 11th (8 A.M. Vegas time on February 10th), she would land in Vegas on February 10th, well in advance of the Super Bowl's kick-off time, which is at 3:30 P.M. Vegas time.

Swift's determination is further highlighted by her willingness to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. Reports suggest that even if her flight faces delays or cannot land directly in Las Vegas due to air traffic, she is prepared to land in Los Angeles and drive from there to make it to the game.

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