Plenty Of Fun Props For Super Bowl LV

4 February 2021
In spite of being just a single game to determine the NFL’s Champion, the Super Bowl offers a wide selection of prop bets to wager on outside the game itself. Wagering correctly can win bank on something as insignificant as the color of the Gatorade dumped on a coach’s head or the opening coin toss. With so many to choose from, here’s a handful that should be interesting to watch. PATRICK MAHOMES TOTAL TD PASSES Regardless of whether you feel the Kansas City Chiefs will defeat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Patrick Mahomes can be counted on for a notable performance. While the Chiefs’ offense has been prolific as ever, Mahomes has only passed for four or more touchdowns three times. He had four against the Baltimore Ravens on Sep. 28, five against the New York Jets on Nov. 1 and four against the Carolina Panthers on Nov. 8. In spite of stacking up victories, Mahomes hasn’t thrown for over three touchdown passes in eight consecutive games, thanks to a prolific running game that can punch the ball into the end zone. So if you’re zeroing in on that prop, use that information accordingly. PATRICK MAHOMES TOTAL RUSHING ATTEMPTS Mahomes would much rather use his arm to move the football down the field than his legs, but that doesn’t mean he can’t sprint around when he needs to. Mahomes averaged 4.1 rushes per game this season and five yards per run. He picks his moments, but this prop can be dangerous. In spite of his average, there are three games in which he never rushed for a single yard. He rushed five or more times in seven games. COIN TOSS Speaking of the coin toss, there’s some real history here if you need it. Obviously, with 54 Super Bowls in the books there’s plenty of data to crunch before you lay down your cash. TAILS has a 29-25 advantage over HEADS in the Super Bowl coin flip. HEADS’ longest streak was five consecutive wins. TAILS had three different streaks of four consecutive wins. In all, 25 teams that won the coin toss also won the game. Currently the coin toss winner is on a six-game losing streak entering Sunday. The last team to win the toss and the game was the 2013-14 Seattle Seahawks. The Dallas Cowboys have won the toss six times, the 49ers five, Miami Dolphins four, the Oakland/Los Angeles/Las Vegas Raiders three, the New England Patriots three and the Seahawks three. COLOR OF LIQUID POURED ON WINNING COACH If we’re going to do a deep dive into the coin flip, we might as well do the same with Gatorade and/or water. Last year ORANGE was the big winner as Andy Reid found himself covered in the stuff after his team’s victory. Squads could be superstitious so, if you think the Chiefs are going to win Sunday, Orange is a safe bet. The year before, the New England Patriots picked BLUE, the year before that, the Philadelphia Eagles chose YELLOW and the year before that it was NONE, as the game was a last second nailbiter. Since 2001, the big winner has been ORANGE, with a total of five appearances. CLEAR recorded four wins with a streak of bucket dumping victories from 2005-2008. After that, it’s YELLOW with three.

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