Online Sportsbooks Are Your Best Bet

June 4, 2018
No matter where you live in the world you’ve likely got a multitude of gambling options.  This is true not only for casino gambling but for sports betting as well.  In fact, sports betting is one of the few segments of the gambling industry that experienced consistent growth over the past decade.  Given the growth trends of the industry and regulatory changes in countries around the world its almost certain that options for sports bettors will increase in the years ahead. Despite the increased number of bookmakers of all shapes and sizes throughout the world the best option for most sports bettors remains the same.  Online betting offers more advantages and fewer disadvantages than any other bookmaking option.  Sports betting has a razor thin margin between success and failure, between profit and loss.  Every incremental edge must be taken to maximize your chances of success.  A bettor simply can’t afford to be giving up even a fractional advantage due to laziness or poor choices. THE SMART MONEY PLAYS ONLINE There are hundreds of bookmakers in the state of Nevada with most in the Las Vegas area.  Even so, every ‘sharp’ bettor in the state has any number of online sportsbooks.  These ‘wise guys’ know what’s what.  They play online for the same reasons that you should—it’s incredibly convenient, offers a wider variety of sports and bets and a more dynamic and competitive odds environment. You’ll find a bookmaker on every corner in Las Vegas but for serious sports bettors nothing beats playing online.  You can do it from anywhere—home, office even on your smartphone.  You don’t have to hang around inside of a smoky, dingy casino to place and track your bets.  The entire betting board is available to you anywhere with an Internet connection. Nevada sportsbook primary focus is ‘risk management’.  They just want to minimize their downside exposure and hope they’ll grind out a profit every month in order to keep ‘the suits’ happy and off their backs.  They’re not interested in ‘taking bets’ anymore.  That’s not the case with most online books.  You’ll find betting odds on sports that Las Vegas bookmakers won’t touch--European basketball and hockey, a world of soccer betting and even ones that are unfamiliar to American bettors such as snooker, cricket and darts. MORE SPORTS AND MORE BETS The variety of sports available at an online sportsbook is just the beginning.  These bookmakers are the innovators in the industry and offer countless bets that you just won’t find in Las Vegas.  There’s plenty of live betting offered.  You’ll be able to bet on individual periods, quarters and halfs.  You’ll have multiple lines offered on the same game at different prices.  Most importantly, you’ll find dozens of innovative proposition bets that you won’t find anywhere else. Perhaps the biggest advantage of betting online is the variety of odds available at different ‘outs’.  You can easily shop points with a click of the mouse and as every professional knows finding the best price for your bet is essential to long term success and profits.

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