Much of selecting a place to play poker online is personal preference.  This includes the type of player pool you’re facing, the range of games and tournaments the site offers and even their software interface.  On balance if you enjoy playing at a specific poker site you should play there assuming that all of the essential elements are in order.  These are the universal qualities that any legitimate poker site needs to have before you should even think about making a real cash deposit.

The good news is that the online gaming market has reached the point that most of the complete scam artists have been run out of business.  The majority of companies behind the various online casinos, sportsbooks and poker sites do their level best to run a good operation and keep their players happy.  That being said, some take their commitment to provide an excellent gaming experience more seriously than others.  If you encounter a poker site that doesn’t seem focused on delivering an excellent product to their customers you just need to find somewhere else to play.


–FIRST RATE CUSTOMER SUPPORT:  Customer service needs to be easily accessible and responsive.  Few things are as frustrating as sending an email about a problem and having to wait several days before you get a response.  Make sure that a site’s customer service is easy to get a hold of and preferably by a variety of methods.  At the very minimum a site should offer email, phone and chat options or some reasonable equivalent.  The very best customer support teams work 24/7 so the benchmark for availability has been set high.

Once you get ahold of customer service its important that they deal with your situation quickly and competently.  Technical issues should be a top priority and should be dealt with expediently.  Reports of possible collusion or other improper behavior should be taken seriously.  Any type of problems with your account should also be addressed immediately.  A dispute might not always go in your favor and when it doesn’t the poker room should clearly and articulately explain the rationale behind their decision.

–WELL RUN BANKING OPTIONS:  The best poker room is not worth playing at if they provide second rate banking options.  It’s preferable that a site offer as many deposit options as possible since they’ll have a fall back should a primary transfer method encounter issues.  That being said, on a micro level it’s necessary for a site to have at least one quick and dependable option that works in  your jurisdiction with at least one alternate.  There are times when something might happen to take a payment offline that is beyond the control of the poker site.  In this situation, they should explain what is going on and offer an alternative.  They should also monitor the situation closely so they’ll know when everything is back to normal or if it’s time to find a replacement payment method.  Personally, I wouldn’t play at any poker site that doesn’t offer Bitcoin as a deposit and withdrawal option.

Prompt withdrawal processing is arguably the most essential quality of any online gambling establishment.  It’s maddening to be in a situation where you’re waiting days for your winnings, let alone one where you’ve got to constantly put pressure on a site to get the payment you’re due.  Look for a poker site that not only promises prompt turnaround on withdrawals but delivers.  If they are consistently late due to problems that aren’t completely beyond their control it’s time to take your business somewhere else.