BY ADAM GREENE   We’re in the NFL’s home stretch and kicking off Christmas week the way we do every single week on the schedule, by arbitrarily ranking teams through a criteria I’ve invented in my own head.   PHILADELPHIA EAGLES (13-1) Jalen Hurts is probably out this week. While everyone in Philly would […]


  BY ADAM GREENE   Week 15 of the NFL season is upon us and we must sound the trumpet to begin it as we always do, by arbitrarily ranking teams in a sport where pretty much every honest debate is actually settled on the field.   For maybe the first time this season, we […]

Introduction To Live Betting

Contrary to what many novices believe live betting is nothing new.  Sportsbooks have offered in-game or in-running betting for a couple of decades at least.  European sportsbooks were likely the first to dabble in live betting since soccer lends itself particularly well to the discipline thanks to its low scores and leisurely pace.  The reason […]

Popular Sports For Live Betting

In theory, live betting will work with any sport.  The reality, however, is that some sports lend themselves to in game wagering more readily than others.  In addition, certain sports resonate more with the general public and generate a higher level of live betting interest.  This article will provide an overview of the most popular […]