Why You Should Get Into Sports Betting

Let’s face it—there are currently more different types of gambling with a greater degree of accessibility than at any other point in history.  In the United States alone, land based gambling is ubiquitous.  Only 6 of the 50 states don’t have a state lottery and only 2 have no form of gambling whatsoever available to […]

The History Of The Point Spread

The advent of the pointspread literally transformed sports betting in the United States.  For most of the 20th century there was little interest in sports betting and particularly on football.  Many games were mismatches where the winner was a foregone conclusion.  These had little, if any, betting interest since players didn’t want to lay the […]

Online Sportsbooks Are Your Best Bet

No matter where you live in the world you’ve likely got a multitude of gambling options.  This is true not only for casino gambling but for sports betting as well.  In fact, sports betting is one of the few segments of the gambling industry that experienced consistent growth over the past decade.  Given the growth […]

Introduction To Live Betting

Contrary to what many novices believe live betting is nothing new.  Sportsbooks have offered in-game or in-running betting for a couple of decades at least.  European sportsbooks were likely the first to dabble in live betting since soccer lends itself particularly well to the discipline thanks to its low scores and leisurely pace.  The reason […]

Popular Sports For Live Betting

In theory, live betting will work with any sport.  The reality, however, is that some sports lend themselves to in game wagering more readily than others.  In addition, certain sports resonate more with the general public and generate a higher level of live betting interest.  This article will provide an overview of the most popular […]

Live Betting Up And Comers

There was a time when live betting options were limited even at the best sportsbooks.  You’d be able to find limited live bets and only on nationally televised games in major sports like football or soccer.  Thanks to technological innovation and 24/7 connectivity that is no longer the case.  Extensive live wagering is available not […]

The Most Unusual Live Betting Sports

Most sportsbooks are conservative by their very nature and make it a priority to minimize their downside risk.  For that reason, they’re hesitant to deviate from the traditional mix of betting sports.  There are a few exceptions that have no problem trying new things even if they border on the bizarre.  This article lists some […]

The Future Of Live Betting

Sports betting is one of the few areas of the gambling business that has been experiencing any growth during the past decade.  Casino gambling has fallen off dramatically due to a confluence of factors including poor management, a saturated market and an aging customer base.  The casino industry is living on borrowed time since the […]