Poker has increased in popularity by leaps and bounds over the last decade with the growth of the World Series Of Poker, which features Texas Hold ‘Em as the dominant style of poker, and that has led many to jump into the poker scene. However, there are many other styles of poker to be played and one of them is Omaha Hi/Lo, a game where you can win big, and here are the basic concepts you have to know before you dive in headfirst.

Poker is massive business nowadays, and there are a number of variations of the game to keep folks interested and engaged. One type is called 2-7 Triple Draw, and the goal of the game is not get the best possible hand, but the worst. It’s a twist on the world’s most popular games, giving a different initiative and forcing you think about the game another way.

There are tons of different ways you can play the game of poker, and seven-card stud has been around almost as long as the original version of arguably the world’s most popular card game. As the name suggests, you’ll receive seven cards, giving you more options to improve your hand and are a slew of strategies that can play out in the run of a hand.

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